Expression Puzzle Building Blocks


This expression puzzle building blocks is a toy that is designed to accelerate your kids cognitive and gross motor function. Not only that, it improves your child’s active brain function, hands-on ability, and self-confidence and they surpass one step at a time.

  • Improves logical thinking
  • Arouses interest
  • Develops passion for an engineering career
  • Colorful and attractive
  • Keeps children away from screens
  • Improved hand-eye coordination
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Expression Puzzle Building Blocks Game


There are 50 different combinations that will put your children’s skills to the test and keep them glued to their seats. Invite your entire family to play, and see who can complete their puzzles the fastest.


This fun expression emoji puzzle blocks game is a whole family classic board game and it is one of the most popular games that is a brilliant addition to any family‘s game night.


With an interesting expression pattern and colorful geometric shale, it is easy to draw the attention of children.

Educational Logical Toy

This educational Expression Puzzle Building Blocks game is designed to fit children of all ages. It serves several purposes, including improving children's logic and reliving adults’ work pressure. It can improve your child’s hand-eye coordinator, logical thinking, hands-on ability, and fine motor skills through fun and exciting interactive games, making them smarter. This toy can be used both at home and at school to help your child's social skills and to strengthen your family relationship and their friendship.

How to play


Shuffle all of the game cards and buckle them to the table to form the game deck of the show. Pick one face card at a time.


To begin, pick one card. Children must put the cubes together and make the same facial expression as the card face, the player who completes the task the fastest wins.


With an interesting expression pattern and colorful geometric shale, it is easy to draw the attention of children.

Head-to-Head Puzzle Game

This Expression Puzzle Building blocks combines learning and laughter to create the best puzzle game ever. The game's simple premise is both engaging and challenging, making it ideal for young minds. The more your child plays, the fast they will begin to recognize solutions to various puzzles, improving their coordination and motor skills while having a blast. It is a head-to-head puzzle game that combines the puzzle-building cube's strategy with frantic face-to-face play.

Start your child's development

This building blocks toy is suitable for ages 3 and above. It is a great way to get your child's development started. They can learn how to communicate with their peers, how to follow rules, and how to compete. It’s a fantastic way for kids to learn about fair play and develop competitive skills. Basic strategy, problem-solving, and decision-making skills can also be taught to your children, which can be advanced with more complex games.


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